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"Incredible attention to detail. Highly knowledgeable, Best representation ever. Excellent service, very caring and professional staff. I would recommend it to anyone in search of an investigator."
- Tom
(Murrieta, CA)
"Just an outstanding firm to work with! Love these guys!."
"I was given quick and detailed information! I recommend G.A. Tucker P.I. Investigative Services to anyone who needs a discreet and accurate investigation."
- Jonathon D.
"Having the pleasure of working with Greg while he was a Lieutenant for the Texas Department of Criminal justice, I can say with confidence that he is the cream of the crop! Greg is a professional investigator who was affectionately nicknamed "Columbo" by his peers. This was due to his uncanny ability to get to the truth during the course of an Investigation. I highly recommend him!."
- J Cozby
Senior Warden
“Greg has given me the chance to finally see my kids again”
- Danny G.

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