Attorney Services

attorney services

As is true for every discipline, support services are becoming highly specialized. The law is no exception and top attorneys realize that there is a need for expert investigators, specializing in attorney services, supporting and supplementing their representation of clients.  These services have never been needed more than they are today.

A large portion of attorney services include asset searches where a private investigator excels, due diligence investigations, detailed background checks, locating witnesses and parties for litigation, field work, interviews, statement taking and much more.

At GA Tucker, private investigator services for attorneys include members of our legal service support investigations group.  These investigators understand the investigative requirements of attorneys, proper evidence handling and chain of custody, and bring substantial  expertise to any project involving vast amounts of information or evidence.

The days are passed when a well-versed paralegal or a legal database could provide anything more than basic background information. To truly discover meaningful information in an attorney services investigation requires a whole combination of investigative experience, training, networks of relationships and research tools. Just as important is our ability to satisfy our mutual client by providing exceptional investigative results in a budget

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